Police Academy (1984)

7.17 / Rated by 11 people

96 min.
Plot  Due to a shortage of police officers, the newly elected mayor of an unnamed American city has announced a policy requiring the police department to accept all willing recruits, effectively abolishing fitness requirements, educational levels, and medical standards. Not everyone in the police force is happy about the new changes.

Carey Mahoney (Steve Guttenberg) is an easygoing man who has repeatedly gotten himself in trouble with the law when standing up to arrogance. Mahoney is forced to join the police force as an alternative to jail, a proposal by Captain Reed who has been lenient on Mahoney because of knowing his father, who was also a policeman. Mahoney reluctantly agrees to this, deciding that he will get himself thrown out as a loophole. However, the chief of police, Henry Hurst (George R. Robertson), outraged by the Mayor's lowered requirements, decides that the new cadets should be forced to quit rather than being thrown out.

Lieutenant Thaddeus Harris (G.W. B...



Steve Guttenberg
Cadet Carey Mahoney
Kim Cattrall
Cadet Karen Thompson
Bubba Smith
Cadet Moses Hightower
Donovan Scott
Cadet Leslie Barbara
Michael Winslow
Cadet Larvell Jones
Andrew Rubin
Cadet George Martin
David Graf
Cadet Eugene Tackleberry
Bruce Mahler
Cadet Douglas Fackler
Marion Ramsey
Cadet Laverne Hooks
Scott Thomson
Cadet Chad Copeland
G. W. Bailey
Lt. Thaddeus Harris
George Gaynes
Cmndt. Eric Lassard
Leslie Easterbrook
Sgt. Debbie Callahan
George R. Robertson
Chief Henry J. Hurst
Debralee Scott
Mrs. Fackler
Ted Ross
Captain Reed
Doug Lennox
Main Bad Guy
Don Lake
Mr. Wig


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Police Academy
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Remiz rated Police Academy (1984) with 9.0 stars / 11.01.2016

Kevser rated Police Academy (1984) with 7.0 stars / 11.01.2016

ecagli rated Police Academy (1984) with 7.0 stars / 24.12.2015

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dilek rated Police Academy (1984) with 7.0 stars / 19.04.2015

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