Mr. Nobody (2009)

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Plot  In the year 2092, Nemo Nobody is a 117-year-old man, the last mortal on Earth. Humanity has conquered mortality through the endless renewal of cells, living in a shining future accompanied by their stem cell compatible pigs. The world watches in fascination as Mr. Nobody edges towards death, curious to know of life before quasi-immortality. Nemo says that he remembers nothing about his past and a psychiatrist, Dr. Feldheim, tries to make him recall memories through hypnosis while other memories are told to a journalist. Nemo spits out contradictory pieces as he is prodded, and no one is sure what happened and what didn't. He is an enigma, often thinking that he is only 34 years old with no traceable record of his life. He recounts his life at three primary points: at age nine when his parents divorce, at age fifteen when he fell in love, and at age thirty-four as an adult. All three unfold into their many possible outcomes.

It is explained that before birth, children remember ...



Jared Leto
Nemo Nobody
Sarah Polley
Rhys Ifans
Nemo's father
Allan Corduner
Dr. Feldman


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Mr. Nobody
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