Rocky V (1990)

6.44 / Rated by 9 people

104 min.
Plot  Shortly after Rocky Balboa's victory over Ivan Drago in Moscow, he, his wife Adrian, his brother-in-law Paulie, and his trainer Tony "Duke" Evers return to the U.S., where they are greeted by Rocky's son Robert. At a press conference, boxing promoter George Washington Duke attempts to goad Rocky into fighting his boxer Union Cane for the World Heavyweight Championship in Tokyo, but Rocky declines the offer. Upon returning home, it is discovered that Paulie unknowingly had Rocky sign a "power of attorney" over to Rocky's accountant, who had squandered all of his money on real estate deals gone sour; in addition, the accountant had failed to pay Rocky's taxes over the past six years, and the mansion is discovered to be unpaid by $400,000.

His bank confirms this, but they tell him the situation is easily fixable with a few more fights. Rocky contemplates on accepting Cane's challenge, but after discovering he has sustained permanent brain damage from the fight with Drago and at A...



Sylvester Stallone
Rocky Balboa
Talia Shire
Adrian Balboa
Burt Young
Paulie Pennino
Burgess Meredith
Mickey Goldmill
Tony Burton
Tony "Duke" Evers
Michael Williams
Union Cane


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Rocky V
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