Cobra (1986)

5.88 / Rated by 4 people

87 min.
Plot  An armed gunman causes a hostage situation at a Los Angeles grocery store. When negotiations between him and law enforcement fail, Marion Cobretti, codenamed as "Cobra", (Sylvester Stallone), a member of an elite division of the Los Angeles Police Department known as the "Zombie Squad", is summoned to the scene. Cobretti infiltrates the store, locates, and negotiates with him.

During the negotiation, the gunman speaks of the unknown "New Order", a supremacist group of social darwinist radicals that despise modern society and believe in killing the weak, leaving only the strongest and smartest to rule the world. Cobretti then kills the gunman by throwing a knife at his abdomen and firing shots at him.

As the bodies are removed from the store, Cobretti is admonished by Detective Monte (Andrew Robinson) for his seeming disregard for police procedures and protocols. Harassed by reporters, Cobretti admonishes them for failing to prioritize the safety of potential victims. Lit...



Sylvester Stallone
Lieutenant Marion 'Cobra' Cobretti
Brigitte Nielsen
Ingrid Knudsen
Reni Santoni
Sergeant Tony Gonzales
Andrew Robinson
Detective Monte
Brian Thompson
The Night Slasher
Marco Rodríguez
Grocery Store Gunman
Val Avery
Chief Halliwell


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