Canadian Bacon (1995)

7.5 / Rated by 1 people

95 min.
Plot  Thousands of former employees are outraged with military businessman R.J. Hacker (G. D. Spradlin), who had closed down his weapons manufacturing plant, Hacker Dynamics. At a conference held at the former plant, he pins the blame for the shutdown of his business on the current President of the United States (Alan Alda), who has just arrived. The President defends his own belief that the future of the children is more important than war, which has caused major decline in his approval rating. After the conference, he expresses to confidantes General Dick Panzer (Rip Torn) and National Security Advisor Stuart Smiley (Kevin Pollak) his discontent about not having an enemy to engage in war. An attempted negotiation with Russian President Vladimir Kruschkin (Richard E. Council) to start a new cold war with Russia fails, and the President's suggestion of a war on international terrorism is deemed too absurd.

Serendipitously, American sheriff Bud Boomer (John Candy) offensively critic...



John Candy
Bud Boomer
Alan Alda
President of the United States
Rhea Perlman
Bill Nunn
Kabral Jabar
Kevin Pollak
Stu Smiley
G.D. Spradlin
R.J. Hacker
Rip Torn
General Dick Panzer
James Belushi
Charles Jackal
Richard Council
Russian President Vladimir Kruschkin
Stanley Anderson
Edwin S. Simon
Wallace Shawn
Canadian Prime Minister Clark MacDonald
Michael Moore
Redneck guy
Dan Aykroyd
Ontario Provincial Police officer (uncredited)


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Canadian Bacon
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Bultan rated Canadian Bacon (1995) with 7.5 stars / 23.12.2014

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