Six Degrees of Separation (1993)

112 min.
Plot  Fifth Avenue socialite Ouisa Kittredge (Stockard Channing) and her art dealer husband Flan (Donald Sutherland), are parents of "two at Harvard and one at Groton". But the narrow world inhabited by the Kittredges and their public status as people interested in the arts make them easy prey for Paul (Will Smith). Paul is a skillful con-artist, who mysteriously appears at their door one night – injured and bleeding – and claiming to be a close college friend of their Ivy League kids, as well as the son of Sidney Poitier. Ouisa and Flan are much impressed by Paul's fine taste, keen wit, articulate literary expositions and surprising culinary skill. His appealing facade soon has the Kittredges putting him up, lending him money and taking satisfaction in his praise for their posh lifestyle. Paul's scheme continues until he brings home a hustler, and his actual indigence is revealed. The shocked Kittredges kick him out when it is revealed that they are but the most recent victims of the duplic...  



Stockard Channing
Ouisa Kittredge
Will Smith
Donald Sutherland
Flan Kittredge
Ian McKellen
Geoffrey Miller
Heather Graham
Bruce Davison
Richard Masur
Dr. Fine
Anthony Michael Hall
Trent Conway
Oz Perkins
Woodrow Kittredge
Catherine Kellner
Talbot Kittredge


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Six Degrees of Separation
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