Nell (1994)

7.25 / Rated by 2 people

113 min.
Plot  When stroke victim Violet Kellty dies in her home in the North Carolina forest, Dr. Jerome "Jerry" Lovell (Liam Neeson), the town doctor, finds a terrified young woman (Jodie Foster) hiding in the rafters of the house. She speaks angrily and rapidly but seems to have a language of her own. Looking at Violet's Bible, Jerry finds a note asking whoever finds it to look after the woman, who is Violet's daughter Nell. Sheriff Todd Peterson (Nick Searcy) shows Jerry a news clipping from which Jerry surmises that Nell is indeed the dead woman’s daughter, conceived through rape.

Jerry seeks the help of Dr. Paula Olsen (Natasha Richardson), a researcher working with autistic children. Paula and her colleague Dr. Alexander "Al" Paley (Richard Libertini) are interested in studying a "wild child" (feral child), and Al continues calling Nell this even after studying films showing that Nell does not fit the "wild child" profile. Paula and Al immediately get a court order giving them permiss...



Jodie Foster
Nell Kellty
Liam Neeson
Dr. Jerome "Jerry" Lovell
Natasha Richardson
Dr. Paula Olsen
Richard Libertini
Dr. Alexander "Al" Paley
Nick Searcy
Sheriff Todd Peterson
Jeremy Davies
Billy Fisher


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Bultan rated Nell (1994) with 7.5 stars / 21.02.2015

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