What's Up, Doc? (1972)

94 min.
Plot  The story, which takes place in San Francisco, centers on four identical plaid overnight bags and the people who own them.

*One of the bags belongs to Howard Bannister, Ph.D. (played by Ryan O'Neal), and is filled with igneous "tambula" rocks that have certain musical properties. Bannister, a musicologist from the Iowa Conservatory of Music, and his tightly wound, overbearing fiancée, Eunice Burns (Madeline Kahn), have come to San Francisco to obtain a grant offered by Frederick Larrabee (Austin Pendleton). Howard has a theory that ancient man may have used rocks to create music. Howard's rival for the grant is the ethically challenged, dubiously-accented Hugh Simon (Kenneth Mars), who apparently is from Yugoslavia (Croatia) but seems to be doing work in Western Europe.

*The second bag belongs to Judy Maxwell (Barbra Streisand) and is filled with her clothes and a large dictionary. No matter where Judy goes, trouble happens, from car crashes to spontaneous combustion ...



Barbra Streisand
Judy Maxwell
Ryan O'Neal
Howard Bannister
Madeline Kahn
Eunice Burns
Kenneth Mars
Hugh Simon
Austin Pendleton
Frederick Larrabee
Michael Murphy
Mr. Smith
John Hillerman
Hotel Manager Kaltenborn
Randy Quaid
Professor Hosquith
M. Emmet Walsh
Arresting Officer


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What's Up, Doc?
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