Everybody's All-American (1988)

127 min.
Plot  Gavin Grey (Dennis Quaid) is a 1950s star athlete known by the moniker "The Grey Ghost," who plays football at Louisiana State University. His campus girlfriend Babs Rogers (Jessica Lange), nephew Donnie (Timothy Hutton) who also goes by the nickname "Cake," and friend Ed Lawrence (John Goodman), adore his personality and charm. During an important matchup in the Sugar Bowl, Gavin's play, which at times defined his competitiveness throughout his career, causes a player from the opposing team to fumble the ball, while he later returns it to score a game-winning touchdown.

Later, Gavin ends up marrying Babs, starts a family, and eventually gets drafted by a professional football team. Meanwhile, Lawrence opens a popular sports bar in Baton Rouge. Everyone is pleased for Gavin, including his friendly rival Narvel Blue (Carl Lumbly), who might have achieved professional stardom had he chosen an athletic career path. Reality quickly sets in for Gavin as life in the NFL is difficult...



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Everybody's All-American
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