Blue Sky (1994)

101 min.
Plot  In the early 1960s, Major Hank Marshall (Tommy Lee Jones) and his wife Carly (Jessica Lange) are having marital problems because of the pressures of his job and her mental illness. Hank is a nuclear engineer who favors underground nuclear testing and is at odds with his superiors over the wisdom of above-ground, open-air detonations. Carly is a free spirit who appears to be mentally unbalanced and who is slowly being suffocated by domestic torpor and encroaching age. Her behavior is, to say the least, embarrassing for her husband, especially in the confines of a military base. Her husband's reactions to this behavior are among the most interesting aspects of the movie. The family's move from Hawaii to an isolated base in Alabama alarms the couple's oldest daughter, Alex (Amy Locane), and sends Carly into an affair with the base commander, Vince Johnson (Powers Boothe).




Tommy Lee Jones
Hank Marshall
Jessica Lange
Carly Marshall
Powers Boothe
Vince Johnson
Carrie Snodgress
Vera Johnson
Amy Locane
Alex Marshall
Chris O'Donnell
Glenn Johnson
Mitchell Ryan
Ray Stevens
Dale Dye
Col. Mike Anwalt
Timothy Scott
Ned Owens
Gary Bullock
Dr. Vankay


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Blue Sky
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