Cat's Eye (1985)

94 min.
Plot  A stray grey alley tom tabby cat is chased by a dishevelled St. Bernard dog, and nearly gets run down by a red 1958 Plymouth Fury (named Christine according to its fender sticker). He hides from the dog in a delivery truck, which drives to New York City. The tomcat hears the disembodied voice of a young girl (Drew Barrymore) pleading for help because something is threatening her. The cat is then captured by an employee from Quitters, Inc.

"Quitters, Inc."

Cigarette smoker Dick Morrison (James Woods) is advised by a friend to join Quitters, Inc. to kick his habit. Clinic counselor Dr. Vinnie Donatti (Alan King) explains the clinic's uniquely persuasive method: every time Dick smokes a cigarette, horrors of increasing magnitude will befall his wife and child.

Using the tomcat that Donatti's assistant Junk has caught in the street, Donatti demonstrates the first of these horrors: the cat is locked in a cage and tormented (albeit harmlessly) with electric ...



Drew Barrymore
Our Girl/Amanda/Morrison's daughter
James Woods
Dick Morrison
Candy Clark
Sally Ann
Alan King
Dr. Vinny Donatti
Robert Hays
Johnny Norris
Kenneth McMillan
James Rebhorn
Drunk Businessman
Mike Starr


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Cat's Eye
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