Fast-Walking (1982)

115 min.
Plot  Frank Miniver, aka Fast-Walking, is a corrupt but lovable Oregon State prison guard. Not the most obliging or honest of public servants, he smokes and peddles marijuana and compliments his meager salary by running prostitutes for Mexican laborers out of his cousin Evie's convenience store. At work, he is in close contact with his other cousin Wasco; who is incarcerated. Wasco is involved in vice operations within the prison and outside of it. He peddles women, narcotics, and is looking to get into fraudulent banking operations. He bullies a competitor named Bullet into turning over his in-prison operations to Wasco. An accomplice to Wasco on the outside is an attractive young woman called Moke. She carries on his bidding which means even seducing Fast-Walking with sex. A black political prisoner named Galliot soon arrives at the prison and Wasco plots to have him killed in the racially tense environment. In a clandestine moment Fast-Walking and Galliot conspire to have Galliot sprung f...  



James Woods
Frank "Fast-Walking" Miniver
M. Emmet Walsh
Sergeant Sanger


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