Rennie's Landing (2001)

103 min.
Plot  The movie starts off with a voice over by Alec of events later in the movie, asking "Why do we make the decisions we make?" It then cuts to a year before, when the main characters are still at college in Eugene, Oregon. Alec's in the Administration and Records Office at his college where he argues with a clerk about a credit that is apparently missing from his transcript. Despite the fact that he is clearly one credit short of graduating, after four hours Alec convinces the college that he indeed has the credit and is set to graduate. The four of them have to move out of their apartment and proceed to work book buy back day, an event at college that lets students buy and sell used textbooks. The movie shows them repeatedly stealing some of the books and then selling them back to the book buyer in a smooth and elegant manner, as though they have done this many times. They also visit their favorite bar, Rennie's Landing, one last time. Casey asks Sam at one point why nothing has ever hap...  



Peter Facinelli
Alec Nichols
Jennifer Garner
Kiley Bradshaw
Charlotte Ayanna
Samantha 'Sam' Parkes
Ethan Embry
Trevor Logan
Scott Foley
Casey Shepard
Jeff Anderson
Convenience Store Clerk


All Titles

Rennie's Landing
English Original Title
Stealing Time
English Alternative Title

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United States



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