Youth in Revolt (2009)

89 min.
Plot  Shy, socially inept teenager Nick Twisp lives with his mother, Estelle, and her boyfriend, Jerry, in Oakland, California. When Jerry owes money to a group of sailors, he takes Estelle and Nick to a trailer park in Clearlake where Nick meets Sheeni Saunders, a bright and young woman his age, with an interest in French culture and who shares Nick's musical tastes, and despite Sheeni's boyfriend, Trent Preston, they become romantically involved. Nick purchases a dog for Sheeni named Albert (after Albert Camus), but the dog rips up the family bible and Sheeni's parents ban it from the house.

Jerry needs to return to Oakland and takes Estelle and Nick with him. Sheeni promises to arrange a job in Ukiah for Nick's father, George, while Nick will get his mother to kick him out so he can return to Sheeni. Back at home, Nick creates an alter-ego named François Dillinger, a suave, rebellious troublemaker. Immediately after Nick makes the decision, Jerry dies of a heart attack. Under Fra...



Michael Cera
Nick Twisp/François Dillinger
Portia Doubleday
Sheeni Saunders
Jean Smart
Estelle Twisp
Adhir Kalyan
Vijay Joshi
Steve Buscemi
George Twisp
Fred Willard
Mr. Ferguson
Ray Liotta
Lance Wescott
Justin Long
Paul Saunders
Rooney Mara
M. Emmet Walsh
Mr. Saunders
Mary Kay Place
Mrs. Saunders


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Youth in Revolt
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