Now You See Me (2013)

7.75 / Rated by 7 people

115 min.
Plot  Four gifted street magicians — J. Daniel "Danny" Atlas, Merritt McKinney, Henley Reeves, and Jack Wilder — are brought together by an unknown benefactor and, one year later, are performing in Las Vegas as "The Four Horsemen," sponsored by insurance magnate Arthur Tressler. For the finale of their first show, they declare they will rob a bank, and invite audience member Étienne Forcier, an account holder at the Crédit Républicain de Paris, to do it. Forcier is apparently teleported to his bank in France, where he activates an air duct that vacuums up the money and showers it onto the Las Vegas crowd. Upon the discovery that the money really is missing from the bank vault, FBI agent Dylan Rhodes is called to investigate the theft and is partnered with Interpol agent Alma Dray. They arrest the Horsemen, but are forced to release them due to lack of evidence.

Dylan and Alma meet with Thaddeus Bradley, a former magician who professionally reveals the secrets behind other magicians'...



Jesse Eisenberg
J. Daniel "Danny" Atlas
Mark Ruffalo
Dylan Rhodes
Woody Harrelson
Merritt McKinney
Isla Fisher
Henley Reeves
Dave Franco
Jack Wilder (voice only)
Mélanie Laurent
Alma Dray
Morgan Freeman
Thaddeus Bradley
Michael Caine
Arthur Tressler
Michael Kelly
Agent Fuller
Agent Evans
José Garcia
Étienne Forcier
Caitriona Balfe
Jasmine Tressler
Elias Koteas
Lionel Shrike (uncredited)


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Now You See Me
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