The Family (2013)

7.17 / Rated by 3 people

111 min.
Plot  Mafia boss Giovanni Manzoni (Robert De Niro), who has somehow offended Don Luchese (Stan Carp), a rival mafia boss, survives an attempted hit on him and his family at a barbecue. He snitches on Luchese, which sends Luchese to prison; Manzoni and his family enter an FBI witness protection program under the supervision of Agent Robert Stansfield (Tommy Lee Jones), and are relocated to a small town in Normandy, France.

In adjusting to life in the village, each family member runs into trouble. Giovanni is being observed by two FBI agents across the street in a safe-house to ensure he doesn't leave his house. Giovanni claims to be an author writing a historical novel on the Normandy landings, which is problematic as many citizens in the area are much more familiar with the event than he is. Giovanni finds ways to slip away and begins a quest to discover why the water in his house is brown, becoming irritated when no one he talks to will take responsibility. He savagely beats a plum...



Robert De Niro
Fred Blake/Giovanni Manzoni
Michelle Pfeiffer
Maggie Blake/Maggie Manzoni
Dianna Agron
Belle Blake/Belle Manzoni
Tommy Lee Jones
Robert Stansfield
Vincent Pastore
Fat Willy
David Belle


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The Family
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