What's Eating Gilbert Grape (1993)

8.25 / Rated by 2 people

118 min.
Plot  In the small town of Endora, Iowa, Gilbert Grape (Johnny Depp) is busy caring for Arnie (Leonardo DiCaprio), his brother with a developmental disability, as they wait for the many tourists' trailers to pass through town during their "yearly ritual" of camping at a nearby recreational area. His morbidly obese mother, Bonnie (Darlene Cates) gave up on life after her husband hung himself seventeen years earlier. She spends almost all of her time on the couch watching television. With Bonnie unable to care for her children on her own, Gilbert has taken responsibility for repairing the old house and looking after Arnie, who has a habit of climbing the town water tower, while his sisters Amy and Ellen do the rest. The relationship between the brothers is of both care and protection, as Gilbert continually enforces the 'nobody touches Arnie' policy. A new "Foodland" supermarket has opened, threatening the small Lamson's Grocery where Gilbert works. In addition, Gilbert is having an affair wit...  



Johnny Depp
Gilbert Grape
Leonardo DiCaprio
Arnie Grape
Mary Steenburgen
Betty Carver
John C. Reilly
Tucker Van Dyke
Crispin Glover
Bobby McBurney


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What's Eating Gilbert Grape
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must watch, epical acting.

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  TonyMontana - must watch, epical acting.

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