North (1994)

87 min.
Plot  A boy named North is listening to his parents argue about their problems at the dinner table. North has a panic attack, and begins to lose consciousness. As he does, the narrator explains that North is having difficulties with his parents, putting a damper on what is otherwise a successful life; North is a child prodigy, skilled in academics, sports, and drama, and is admired by many for his good work and obedient attitude, but constantly ignored by his own parents.

One day, while finding solace in a living room display at a mall, he is visited by a man in a pink bunny suit who claims to be the Easter Bunny, to whom North explains his problems. He realizes that his parents are unable to see his talents while all of the other parents in his neighborhood can. The Easter Bunny recommends that North tell his parents how he feels, but North says his parents do not deserve him if they are ignorant of his talents and appreciation for them. North then tells his friend Winchell, who wo...



Elijah Wood
Bruce Willis
Easter Bunny
Bruce Willis
Jon Lovitz
Arthur Belt
Jason Alexander
North's father
Julia Louis-Dreyfus
North's mother
Alan Arkin
Judge Buckle
Dan Aykroyd
Texas father
Reba McEntire
Texas mother
Alexander Godunov
Amish father
Kelly McGillis
Amish mother
Graham Greene
Alaskan father
Kathy Bates
Alaskan mother
Abe Vigoda
Alaskan grandfather
Faith Ford
Donna Nelson
John Ritter
Ward Nelson
Scarlett Johansson
Laura Nelson
Keone Young
Governor Ho
Ben Stein
Museum curator
Alana Austin
Rosalind Chao
Chinese mother
Marc Shaiman
Piano player


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