You Don't Know Jack (2010) / TV

7.5 / Rated by 2 people

Plot  Prompted by the plight of David Rivlin, a quadriplegic who litigated to be removed from his respirator so he can die,, the sight of a dying woman in a hospital bed, and the memory of his mother Satenig's death over two decades earlier, Dr. Jack Kevorkian builds his first "death machine". out of parts bought at a flea market. He meets with Rivlin and presents his device. Kevorkian explains that through an intravenous line, Rivlin can self-administer first a harmless saline solution, followed by a barbiturate that will cause him to fall into a coma, and then potassium chloride that will stop his heart, thus causing death. Due to the expense and the difficulty of obtaining the drugs, Kevorkian later develops a less expensive method using tanks of carbon monoxide. Rivlin, however, becomes agitated and Kevorkian is forced to leave. Rivlin is later removed from his respirator and food and water are withheld. In an interview with reporter Jack Lessenberry, Kevorkian denounces what he sees as ...  



Al Pacino
Dr. Jack Kevorkian
Danny Huston
Geoffrey Fieger
Susan Sarandon
Janet Good
Brenda Vaccaro
Margo Kevorkian Janus
John Goodman
Neal Nicol
James Urbaniak
Jack Lessenberry
Eric Lange
John Skrzynski
Richard Council
Judge David Breck
Sandra Seacat
Janet Adkins
Adam Driver
Glen Stetson


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You Don't Know Jack
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Onur rated You Don't Know Jack (2010) with 7.0 stars / 05.04.2018

TonyMontana rated You Don't Know Jack (2010) with 8.0 stars / 03.01.2017

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