U Turn (1997)

7.5 / Rated by 2 people

125 min.
Plot  A drifter named Bobby (Sean Penn) is on his way to pay off a large debt of $13,000 to a gangster in California when his car breaks down, forcing him to drive to the nearest town, Superior, Arizona. He takes the money with him but leaves his gun in the trunk of his car. While waiting for his car to be fixed by the town mechanic, Darrell (Billy Bob Thornton), he wanders around town where he meets Grace McKenna (Jennifer Lopez). Not realizing she is married, he hits on her and helps her carry some drapes to her car. She offers to take him back to her house where he can have a shower.

While in the shower, it is revealed that the "accident" that happened to his hand was in fact a punishment for the overdue debt – two of his fingers were cut off. After his shower he attempts to seduce Grace, who is cold to his advances. He goes to leave, saying he isn't interested in playing games. The two then kiss, and are caught by Grace's husband Jake (Nick Nolte), who punches Bobby.




Sean Penn
Bobby Cooper
Jennifer Lopez
Grace McKenna
Nick Nolte
Jake McKenna
Powers Boothe
Sheriff Virgil Potter
Claire Danes
Joaquin Phoenix
Toby N. Tucker a.k.a. TNT
Jon Voight
Blind Indian
Abraham Benrubi
Biker #1
Liv Tyler
Girl in Bus Station "cameo appearance"
Laurie Metcalf
Bus Station ticket attendant "cameo appearance"


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U Turn
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