Conspiracy Theory (1997)

6.67 / Rated by 3 people

135 min.
Plot  Alice Sutton (Julia Roberts) is a lawyer working for the US government at the Justice Department. Jerry Fletcher (Mel Gibson), a conspiracy-theory obsessed New York City taxi driver, continually expounds his ideas to her. Alice humors him because he once saved her from a mugging, but does not know he has been spying on her at home. Her own obsession is to solve the mystery of her father's murder.

Seeing suspicious activity everywhere, Jerry identifies some men as CIA, follows them into a building, and is captured. He wakes up bound to a wheelchair. A doctor (Patrick Stewart) injects him with LSD, and interrogates him using torture. Jerry experiences terrifying hallucinations and flashbacks, panics, and manages to escape, incapacitating the doctor by biting his nose. Although injured, Jerry makes his way to Alice's office, eventually collapsing.

She visits him in the hospital. Handcuffed to the bed and forced into a drug-induced sleep, he pleads with her to switch his ...



Mel Gibson
Jerry Fletcher
Julia Roberts
Alice Sutton
Patrick Stewart
Dr. Jonas
Peter Koch
Fire Captain
Sean Patrick Thomas
Surveillance Operator
Joan Lunden
TV Announcer
Rick Hoffman
Night Security
Richard Donner
Cab Passenger
Tom Schanley


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Conspiracy Theory
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