A Scanner Darkly (2006)

8.0 / Rated by 1 people

100 min.
Plot  The US has lost the war on drugs. Substance D, a powerful drug causing bizarre hallucinations, has swept the country. In response, the government develops an invasive, high-tech surveillance system and a network of undercover informants.

Bob Arctor is a detective assigned to immerse himself in the drug's underworld and infiltrate the supply chain. Arctor and his housemates, Luckman and Barris, live in a run-down suburban house in Anaheim, California. They pass their days taking drugs and having long, paranoiac conversations. At the police station, Arctor is code-named Fred and maintains privacy by wearing a "scramble suit" that constantly changes every aspect of his appearance. Arctor's senior officer Hank, and all other undercover officers, also wear scramble suits.

While undercover, Arctor becomes addicted to Substance D. Arctor also befriends a cocaine addict named Donna; she is Arctor's supplier. Arctor hopes to purchase large enough quantities of Substance D from...



Keanu Reeves
Bob Arctor
Robert Downey Jr.
James Barris
Woody Harrelson
Ernie Luckman
Winona Ryder
Donna Hawthorne
Rory Cochrane
Charles Freck


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A Scanner Darkly
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