Hollywoodland (2006)

6.5 / Rated by 1 people

127 min.
Plot  In 1959, Louis Simo (Adrien Brody), a Los Angeles private investigator more interested in generating an income than in devotion to his clients, is spying on the wife of a man named Chester Sinclair to find if she is cheating. On a visit to his own ex-wife Laurie, Simo learns that his son is upset over the death of George Reeves, the actor who played Superman on television. Reeves was found dead inside his Beverly Hills home with a gunshot wound to the head, which police ruled a suicide.

Simo learns from a former police colleague that the Reeves suicide has aspects that the cops don't want to touch. Sensing the potential for making a name for himself, Simo begins investigating and notes several apparent conflicts with the official version of Reeves's death. He also bickers with Laurie over his failures as a father, particularly now when his son seems so troubled.

In a flashback to 1951, Reeves, a charming man whose acting career has stalled since appearing in ''Gone Wi...



Adrien Brody
Louis Simo
Diane Lane
Toni Mannix
Ben Affleck
George Reeves
Bob Hoskins
Eddie Mannix
Robin Tunney
Leonore Lemmon
Kathleen Robertson
Carol Van Ronkel
Lois Smith
Helen Bessolo
Larry Cedar
Chester Sinclair
Caroline Dhavernas
Kit Holliday
Molly Parker
Laurie Simo
Zach Mills
Evan Simo
Dash Mihok
Det. Sgt. Jack Paterson
Joe Spano
Howard Strickling
Jeffrey DeMunn
Art Weissman


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