1941 (1979)

6.0 / Rated by 1 people

118 min.
Plot  On Saturday, December 13, 1941 at 7:01 a.m., a woman goes swimming somewhere on the California coast, only to find a Japanese submarine surfacing beneath her. The submarine crew believes they have arrived in Hollywood, and the vessel submerges while the woman swims to safety.

Later that morning, a 10th Armored Division tank crew, consisting of Sergeant Frank Tree, Corporal Chuck Sitarski, and Privates Foley, Reese, and Henshaw, are at a restaurant where dishwasher Wally Stephens works. Wally is planning to enter a dance contest with Betty Douglas, against the wishes of Ward, her father. Sitarski takes an instant dislike to Wally, particularly his civilian attire, and trips him. A fight ensues, leading to Wally losing his job. Wally later takes his friend Dennis shopping for a zoot suit and steals one.

In Death Valley, cigar-chomping, unruly Army Air Corps Captain Wild Bill Kelso lands his Curtiss P-40 fighter near a grocery store and gas station; while refueling, Kels...



Dan Aykroyd
Motor Sergeant Frank Tree
Ned Beatty
Ward Douglas
John Belushi
Captain "Wild" Bill Kelso
Murray Hamilton
Claude Crumn
Christopher Lee
Captain Wolfgang von Kleinschmidt
Tim Matheson
Captain Loomis Birkhead
Warren Oates
Colonel "Madman" Maddox
Robert Stack
Major General Joseph W. Stilwell
Treat Williams
Corporal Chuck "Stretch" Sitarski
Nancy Allen
Donna Stratton
Slim Pickens
Hollis P. Wood
Lionel Stander
Angelo Scioli
John Candy
Private First Class Foley
Perry Lang
Dennis DeSoto
Frank McRae
Pvt. Ogden Johnson Jones
John Landis
Elisha Cook Jr.
The Patron
James Caan
Soldier in fight


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