Scream 3 (2000)

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117 min.
Plot  Cotton Weary, now living in Los Angeles and the host of a nationally syndicated television show, ''100% Cotton'', is called by Ghostface, who demands the whereabouts of Sidney Prescott, who has gone into seclusion since the events of ''Scream 2''. He refuses and both Cotton and his girlfriend Christine are murdered.

Detective Mark Kincaid meets with Gale Weathers to discuss the murders, prompting her to travel to Hollywood, where she finds Dewey Riley working as an advisor on the set of ''Stab 3'', the third film in the film within a film series based on the Ghostface murders. Ghostface kills ''Stab 3'' actress Sarah Darling with the help of a voice changer. Sidney is now living reclusively as a crisis counselor for an abused women's hotline, as she is terrified that another killer may strike. Having discovered her number, the killer begins taunting Sidney by phone, forcing her out of hiding and drawing her to Hollywood. As the remaining ''Stab 3'' cast gather at the home of...



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Scream 3
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