Scream 2 (1997)

6.67 / Rated by 3 people

120 min.
Plot  While attending a preview of the film ''Stab'', a film within a film based on the Woodsboro murders depicted in the first film, two Ohio Windsor College seniors, Maureen Evans and Phil Stevens are murdered by Ghostface. Phil is stabbed through the ear in a bathroom stall while trying to eavesdrop on strange whimpering noises. The killer, wearing a Ghostface costume, then returns to the screening and sits beside Maureen before mortally stabbing her. At first the audience believes she is part of the raucous acting out by audience members until she falls dead in front of the cinema screen.

The following day, the news media including local journalist Debbie Salt, descend on Windsor College where Sidney Prescott, a theatre major, now studies alongside her best friend Hallie and her new boyfriend Derek, fellow Woodsboro survivor Randy, and Derek's best friend Mickey. Sidney receives prank calls but is oblivious to the recent killings until someone instructs her to watch the news.



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