Reds (1981)

7.0 / Rated by 1 people

195 min.
Plot  The film covers the life of John Reed and Louise Bryant from their first meeting to Reed's final days in 1920 Russia. Interspersed throughout the narrative, several surviving witnesses from the time period give their recollections of Reed, Bryant, their colleagues and friends, and the era itself. A number of them have mixed views of Bryant and her relationship with Reed.

In 1915, married socialite Bryant encounters the radical journalist Reed for the first time at a lecture in Portland, Oregon, and she is intrigued with his idealism. Upon meeting him for an interview on international politics which lasts over the course of a night, she realizes that writing has been her only escape from her frustrated high society existence. Inspired to leave her husband, Bryant joins Reed in Greenwich Village, New York City, and becomes acquainted with the local community of activists and artists, including anarchist and author Emma Goldman and the playwright Eugene O'Neill. Later, they move ...



Warren Beatty
John Silas "Jack" Reed
Diane Keaton
Louise Bryant
Edward Herrmann
Max Eastman
Jack Nicholson
Eugene O'Neill
Paul Sorvino
Louis C. Fraina
Nicolas Coster
Paul Trullinger
William Daniels
Julius Gerber
Ian Wolfe
Mr. Partlow
George Plimpton
Horace Whigham
Kathryn Grody
Crystal Eastman
Dolph Sweet
Big Bill Haywood
Gene Hackman
Pete Van Wherry
Dave King
Allan L. Benson
Jan Triska
Karl Radek


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