Straight Time (1978)

7.5 / Rated by 1 people

114 min.
Plot  Max Dembo (Dustin Hoffman), lifelong thief, is released from a six-year stint in prison and forced to report to a boorish and condescending parole officer, Earl (M. Emmet Walsh).

One of the conditions of parole is that Max finds a job. At the employment agency, he meets Jenny Mercer (Theresa Russell), who helps him land scale-wage work at a can factory. Jenny accepts his invitation to dinner, where it's clear that she is smitten by this worldly and seemingly gentle ex-con.

Earl pays a surprise visit to Max's room, finding a book of matches that Max's friend Willy (Gary Busey) recently used to cook heroin. Although Max clearly has no track marks or other signs of drug abuse, he is handcuffed and dragged back to jail, out of a job and a home. Jenny visits him and gives him her number to call when he gets out.

After blood tests prove he's clean, Max is picked up by a smug Earl, who feels he actually gave Max a break by not pursuing the fact that someone had bee...



Dustin Hoffman
Max Dembo
Theresa Russell
Jenny Mercer
Gary Busey
Willy Darin
Harry Dean Stanton
Jerry Schue
M. Emmet Walsh
Earl Frank
Kathy Bates
Selma Darin
Jake Busey
Henry Darin


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Straight Time
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