This Property Is Condemned (1966)

7.0 / Rated by 1 people

110 min.
Plot  The film is a frame story in which an unkempt girl, Willie Starr (Mary Badham), tells the story of her dead sister Alva (Natalie Wood) to Tom, a boy whom she meets on the abandoned railroad tracks of Dodson, Mississippi in the 1930s. The viewer sees this story in flashback.

A stranger, Owen Legate (Robert Redford), arrives in the small town of Dodson, and makes his way to the Starr Boarding House, where a loud birthday party is in progress for the landlady, Mrs "Mama" Starr. He meets Willie, the youngest daughter of the house, and rents a room for the week, while remaining mysterious about his motives for being in town. It soon emerges that the eldest daughter, Alva, is the "main attraction" at the party. Mr. Johnson, the oldest and richest worker for the railroad station, is anxiously waiting for her to show up. When she finally arrives, many men greet her and try to attract her attention or dance with her, including Mama's boyfriend, J.J. (Bronson). Alva and Owen first meet ...



Natalie Wood
Alva Starr
Robert Redford
Owen Legate
Charles Bronson
J.J. Nichols
Robert Blake
Dabney Coleman


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This Property Is Condemned
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