Ocean's Twelve (2004)

7.58 / Rated by 7 people

125 min.
Plot  Terry Benedict (Andy García) locates all eleven members of Danny Ocean's (George Clooney) gang, demanding they return the $160 million they stole from his casinos plus $38 million interest. Short by half, the group schemes to stage another heist in Europe to avoid problems with United States authorities. They are tipped off by an informant named Matsui (Robbie Coltrane) about the location of the first stock certificate ever. After a complex series of schemes they find the document has already been stolen by "The Night Fox", another master thief. Europol Detective Isabel Lahiri (Catherine Zeta-Jones) is called in to investigate the theft and realizes that her talking earlier about a particular burglary with Rusty (Brad Pitt) during their relationship, would have given Rusty the idea of how to solve the complication the gang would have come up against. Surprising the group at their accommodation, she warns them they cannot beat the Night Fox or his mentor, the mysterious master...  



George Clooney
Danny Ocean
Bernie Mac
Frank Catton
Brad Pitt
Rusty Ryan
Elliott Gould
Reuben Tishkoff
Casey Affleck
Virgil Malloy
Scott Caan
Turk Malloy
Eddie Jemison
Livingston Dell
Don Cheadle
Basher Tarr
Carl Reiner
Saul Bloom
Matt Damon
Linus Caldwell
Julia Roberts
Tess Ocean and Herself
Catherine Zeta-Jones
Europol Detective Isabel Lahiri
Vincent Cassel
Baron François Toulour/The Night Fox
Andy Garcia
Terry Benedict
Albert Finney
Gaspar LeMarc (uncredited)
Eddie Izzard
Roman Nagel
Bruce Willis
Himself (uncredited)
Jeroen Krabbé
Van der Woude
Cherry Jones
Molly Star/Mrs. Caldwell
Topher Grace
Himself (uncredited)
Candice Azzara
Saul Bloom's girlfriend
Jerry Weintraub
Denny Shields (uncredited)
Jared Harris
Basher's Engineer


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Ocean's Twelve
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