Notting Hill (1999)

7.62 / Rated by 4 people

124 min.
Plot  William "Will" Thacker owns an independent book store, The Travel Book Co. in Notting Hill. He is divorced and shares his house with an eccentric, care-free Welshman named Spike and has a small, tight knit group of friends that includes his sister, Honey.

Will encounters Hollywood superstar Anna Scott when she enters his shop. Minutes later, they collide in the street and his drink spills on her clothes. Will offers his house nearby for Anna to change. Before leaving, she impulsively kisses him and then asks him not to mention what just occurred.

Days later, Spike belatedly relays a message from Anna. Will calls and she invites him to visit her at the Ritz Hotel. On arrival, Will is mistaken for a journalist—in a panic he claims he works for ''Horse & Hound''— and is made to interview not only Anna, but the entire cast of her of new sci-fi film, which he knows nothing about. Anna calls him back in and says she has cleared her evening. Will is exhilarated, befo...



Julia Roberts
Anna Scott
Hugh Grant
William "Will" Thacker
Rhys Ifans
James Dreyfus
Dylan Moran
Henry Goodman
The Ritz Concierge
John Shrapnel
Anna's UK press agent
Clarke Peters
'Helix' Lead Actor
Gina McKee
Sanjeev Bhaskar
Loud Man in Restaurant
Emily Mortimer
Perfect Girl
Samuel West
Anna's Co
Patrick Barlow
The Savoy Concierge
Alec Baldwin
Jeff King
Simon Callow
Himself in Film
Omid Djalili
Cashier at Coffee Shop
Matthew Modine
Actor in Film
Sally Phillips
Mischa Barton
The child actor


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Notting Hill
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tuncer rated Notting Hill (1999) with 8.0 stars / 09.07.2014

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