Kingdom of Heaven (2005)

7.07 / Rated by 9 people

144 min.
Plot  In 1184 France, Balian (Orlando Bloom), a blacksmith, is haunted by his wife's recent suicide. A group of Crusaders arrives in his village; one of them introduces himself as Balian's father, Baron Godfrey of Ibelin (Liam Neeson). Godfrey asks Balian to return with him to the Holy Land, but Balian declines and the Crusaders leave. The town priest, Balian's half-brother (Michael Sheen), reveals that he ordered Balian's wife beheaded before burial. In a fit of rage, Balian kills his brother and flees the village.

Balian joins his father, hoping to gain forgiveness and redemption for himself and his wife in Jerusalem. After he reaches Godfrey, soldiers sent by the bishop arrive to arrest and assassinate Balian. Godfrey refuses to surrender Balian, and in the ensuing attack, Godfrey is struck by an arrow that breaks off in his body, weakening him.

In Messina, Godfrey knights Balian and orders him to serve the King of Jerusalem and protect the helpless, then succumbs to his...



Orlando Bloom
Eva Green
Jeremy Irons
David Thewlis
The Hospitaller.
Brendan Gleeson
Edward Norton
King Baldwin.
Marton Csokas
Guy de Lusignan.
Michael Sheen
Liam Neeson
Ghassan Massoud
Kevin McKidd
English Sergeant.
Velibor Topic
Ulrich Thomsen
Templar Master.
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
Village Sheriff.
Nathalie Cox
Balian's Wife.
Eriq Ebouaney
Bronson Webb
Angus Wright
Richard's Knight.
Iain Glen
Richard Coeur de Lion.


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