Death Proof (2007)

7.88 / Rated by 4 people

114 min.
Plot  Part 1

Three friends: Arlene (Vanessa Ferlito), Shanna (Jordan Ladd), and radio DJ "Jungle" Julia Lucai (Sydney Tamiia Poitier) drive down Congress Avenue in Austin, Texas, on their way to celebrate Jungle Julia's birthday. While bar-crawling, Julia reveals that she made a radio announcement earlier that morning, offering a free lap dance from Arlene in return for addressing her as "Butterfly," buying her a drink, and reciting a segment of the poem "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening". Theynce (not seen in the theatrical version due to a "missing reel").

The three women prepare to depart with their friend Lanna, whom they met at the bar. Meanwhile, Pam (Rose McGowan), another intoxicated female bar patron and an old childhood classmate of Julia's, whom she'd never gotten along with, has been impressed by the teetotaler Mike and accepts a ride home from him, considering him to be a safe ride. Mike takes Pam to his matte black 1971 Chevrolet Nova SS 396, which ...



Kurt Russell
Stuntman Mike McKay
Zoë Bell
Rosario Dawson
Abernathy Ross
Vanessa Ferlito
Arlene / Butterfly
Sydney Tamiia Poitier
Jungle Julia
Tracie Thoms
Kim Mathis
Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Lee Montgomery
Michael Parks
Texas Ranger Earl McGraw
Eli Roth
Marley Shelton
Dr. Dakota Block


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Death Proof
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United States




montbravo rated Death Proof (2007) with 8.0 stars / 14.12.2015

Onur rated Death Proof (2007) with 7.5 stars / 03.10.2015

McBilek rated Death Proof (2007) with 8.0 stars / 14.09.2015

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