Basic Instinct (1992)

6.88 / Rated by 4 people

128 min.
Plot  When retired rock star Johnny Boz is viciously stabbed to death with an ice pick during sex by a mysterious blonde woman at his apartment, homicide detective Nick Curran is sent to investigate. The only suspect is Catherine Tramell, a crime novelist who was the last person to be seen with Boz on the night he died. Nick and his partner, Gus Moran, visit her Pacific Heights mansion, but they find only Catherine's lesbian lover, Roxy, who sends them to Catherine's beach house at Stinson Beach. When they ask Catherine about her relationship with Boz, she states that she came to her beach house instead of Boz's apartment and shows little emotion upon learning of his death. Nick and Gus, along with their superiors, discover that Catherine has written a novel about a former rock star who was killed in the same manner as Boz. During questioning by detectives, including Nick, at police headquarters, Catherine engages in provocative behavior, refuses to extinguish her cigarette, and re-crosses h...  



Michael Douglas
Detective Nick Curran
Sharon Stone
Catherine Tramell
George Dzundza
Detective Gus Moran
Jeanne Tripplehorn
Dr. Beth Garner / Lisa Hoberman
Bruce A. Young
Chelcie Ross
Captain Talcott
Wayne Knight
John Correli
Daniel von Bargen
Lieutenant Marty Nilsen
Stephen Tobolowsky
Dr. Lamott
Jack McGee
James Rebhorn
Dr. McElwaine


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Basic Instinct
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