RoboCop (1987)

7.25 / Rated by 8 people

Science Fiction
101 min.
Plot  In the near future, Detroit, Michigan, is a dystopia and on the verge of total collapse and anarchy due to financial ruin and a high crime rate, higher than any large American city. To avoid mass collapse, the city mayor has signed a deal with the mega-corporation Omni Consumer Products (OCP), allowing them to run and control the underfunded police force in exchange for giving OCP the freedom to demolish the poor run-down sections of Detroit and construct a high-end utopia called "Delta City," to be managed by OCP as an independent city-state free of the United States. However, OCP must clean the city of crime in order for the plan to be put in effect.

This move angers the police officers as they are now forced to obey OCP instead of the city, and they threaten to strike, but OCP evaluates other options for law enforcement. OCP senior president Dick Jones (Ronny Cox) offers the prototype ED-209 enforcement droid, but when it accidentally kills a board member during a demonstra...



Peter Weller
Officer Alex Murphy / RoboCop
Nancy Allen
Officer Anne Lewis
Ronny Cox
OCP Senior President Richard "Dick" Jones
Kurtwood Smith
Clarence Boddicker
Miguel Ferrer
OCP Executive Robert "Bob" Morton
Dan O'Herlihy
"The Old Man"
Ray Wise
Leon Nash
Robert DoQui
Sergeant Warren Reed
Felton Perry
OCP Executive Donald Johnson


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