Drive Angry (2011)

4.75 / Rated by 2 people

105 min.
Plot  John Milton (Nicolas Cage) is an undead criminal who has broken out of Hell to kill Jonah King (Billy Burke), a cult leader who tricked Milton's daughter into joining his followers in the wake of Milton's death, only to kill her and her husband and steal their daughter -Milton's granddaughter- to be sacrificed in a Satanist ritual.

After interrogating some of King's followers, Milton discovers that the ritual will take place in Stillwater, a prison in Louisiana. He heads there, but stops by a diner, where he meets Piper (Amber Heard), a waitress. Milton's car is damaged, so he sabotages Piper's car, a 1969 blue Dodge Charger R/T and follows her to fix it in exchange for a ride on the way to Stillwater.

Entering her room, Piper walks in on her boyfriend, Frank (Todd Farmer), having sex with another woman. Piper beats up the woman and assaults Frank, getting knocked to the ground. Milton, in a phone booth nearby, hears the commotion and comes to Piper's aid, kicking Fra...



Nicolas Cage
John Milton
William Fichtner
The Accountant
Billy Burke
Jonah King
David Morse
Katy Mixon
Norma Jean


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Drive Angry
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McBilek rated Drive Angry (2011) with 5.5 stars / 13.09.2017

Onur rated Drive Angry (2011) with 4.0 stars / 07.09.2017

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