Transformers (2007)

7.5 / Rated by 10 people

143 min.
Plot  Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots, narrates the collapse of the Transformers' home world, Cybertron. It was rendered uninhabitable by war between the Autobots and the Decepticons. Led by Megatron, the Decepticons are searching for the AllSpark so they could use it to take over the universe. The Autobots want to find the AllSpark so they can use it to rebuild Cybertron and end the war. Megatron managed to locate the AllSpark on Earth, but crash-landed in the Arctic Circle and froze in the ice. After stumbling upon his frozen body in 1897, explorer Captain Archibald Witwicky accidentally activated Megatron's navigational system and his eyeglasses were imprinted with the coordinates of the AllSpark's location, an incident that left him blind and mentally unstable. Sector 7, a secret government organization created by President Herbert Hoover, discovered the AllSpark in the Colorado River and built the Hoover Dam around it to mask its energy emissions. The still-frozen Megatron was mov...  



Shia LaBeouf
Sam Witwicky
Josh Duhamel
Capt. William Lennox
Anthony Anderson
Glen Whitmann
Megan Fox
Mikaela Banes
Rachael Taylor
Maggie Madsen
John Turturro
Agt. Seymour Simmons
Jon Voight
John Keller
Michael O'Neill
Tom Banachek
Kevin Dunn
Ron Witwicky
Amaury Nolasco
ACWO Jorge "Fig" Figueroa
Zack Ward
First Sergeant Donnelly
W. Morgan Sheppard
Captain Archibald Witwicky
Bernie Mac
Bobby Bolivia
John Robinson
Miles Lancaster
Glenn Morshower
Colonel Sharp
Mark Ryan
Hugo Weaving
Megatron (voice only)


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