Armageddon (1998)

6.55 / Rated by 12 people

150 min.
Plot  destroys the orbiting Space Shuttle Atlantis and bombards a swath of land from America's East Coast including New York City through Finland. NASA discovers that a rogue asteroid the size of Texas passed through the asteroid belt and pushed forward a large amount of space debris. The asteroid will collide with Earth in 18 days, causing an extinction event. NASA scientists, led by Dan Truman, plan to trigger a nuclear detonation 800 ft inside the asteroid to split it in two, driving the pieces apart so both will fly past the Earth. NASA contacts Harry Stamper, considered the best deep-sea oil driller in the world, for assistance. Harry travels to NASA with his daughter Grace, to keep her away from her new boyfriend and one of Harry's drillers, A. J. Frost. Harry explains he will need his team, including A. J., to carry out the mission. They agree to help, but only after their list of unusual rewards and demands are met.

NASA plans to launch two shuttles, ''Freedom'' and ''I...



Bruce Willis
Harry Stamper
Ben Affleck
A. J. Frost
Billy Bob Thornton
Dan Truman
Liv Tyler
Grace Stamper.
Will Patton
Charles "Chick" Chapple
Steve Buscemi
Michael Clarke Duncan
J. Otis "Bear" Kurleen Bear
Owen Wilson
Oscar Choice
Peter Stormare
Lev Andropov
William Fichtner
Colonel Willie Sharp
Ken Hudson Campbell
Max Lennert
Keith David
General Kimsey
Jason Isaacs
Dr. Ronald Quincy
Chris Ellis
Walter Clark
Judith Hoag
Udo Kier
Shawnee Smith
Charlton Heston
Michael Bay
NASA scientist (uncredited)
Gedde Watanabe
Asian tourist (uncredited)


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