Bad Boys (1995)

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119 min.
Plot  Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence) and Mike Lowrey (Will Smith) are best friends and detectives in the narcotics division of the Miami Police Department. One night, $100 million of seized heroin is stolen from a secure police vault. This is a major blow to Burnett and Lowrey because it was the biggest drug bust of their careers. Internal Affairs thinks that it was an inside job and warns the rest of the department that if they do not recover the drugs in five days, the narcotics division will be shut down.

Lowrey asks one of his informants and ex-girlfriend Maxine "Max" Logan to look for people who are newly rich and therefore suspects. She gets herself and her best friend Julie Mott (Téa Leoni) hired as escorts by Eddie Domínguez, a former crooked cop and part of the coup. His boss, French drug kingpin Fouchet (Tchéky Karyo) and his henchmen Casper, Ferguson and Noah Trafficante do not want the coup to be endangered by outsiders. Therefore, Fouchet shoots Max and Ferguson kills...



Martin Lawrence
Detective Marcus Burnett
Will Smith
Detective Mike Lowrey
Téa Leoni
Julie Mott
Tchéky Karyo
Joe Pantoliano
Captain Conrad Howard
Nestor Serrano
Detective Sanchez
Julio Oscar Mechoso
Detective Ruiz
Theresa Randle
Theresa Burnett
Marc Macaulay
Noah Trafficante
Marg Helgenberger
Captain Alison Sinclair
Christopher Mitchum
Seargent Copperfield


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Bad Boys
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