Daredevil (2003)

7.25 / Rated by 2 people

103 min.
Plot  Matt Murdock is a blind lawyer in New York City's Hell's Kitchen neighborhood, where he runs a firm with best friend Franklin "Foggy" Nelson. As a child, Matt was blinded by a toxic waste spill. The accident enhanced Matt's other senses and gave him sonar to "see" via sonic vibrations. Matt's father, boxer Jack "The Devil", was killed after refusing to turn in a fixed fight for the mobster who had employed him earlier. After his father's death, Matt promised to stop all crime that controlled Hell's Kitchen, New York as the vigilante crime-fighter "Daredevil".

Matt meets Elektra Natchios, daughter of Nikolas Natchios, a businessman who has dealings with Wilson Fisk, a rich executive who is also the criminal leader known as the Kingpin. When Nikolas tries to end his relationship with Fisk, the mobster hires the Irish hitman Bullseye, who has preternatural aim, to kill him. Matt tries to stop Bullseye, but Bullseye ultimately succeeds in killing Nikolas and framing Matt in the proc...



Ben Affleck
Matt Murdock / Daredevil
Scott Terra
Young Matt Murdock
Jennifer Garner
Elektra Natchios
Michael Clarke Duncan
Wilson Fisk / Kingpin
Colin Farrell
Jon Favreau
Franklin "Foggy" Nelson
Joe Pantoliano
Ben Urich
David Keith
Jack Murdock
Leland Orser
Wesley Owen Welch
Erick Avari
Nikolas Natchios
Ellen Pompeo
Karen Page
Derrick O'Connor
Father Everett


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