Waterworld (1995)

7.3 / Rated by 6 people

Science Fiction
135 min.
Plot  In the beginning of the 21st century the polar ice caps melted and the sea level rose to cover every continent on Earth. Surviving humans were scattered across the ocean on ramshackle floating communities known as atolls, mostly built from scrap metal and decrepit sea vessels. Far in the future, although land-based societies had been eventually forgotten, many still cling to belief in a mythical "Dryland".

A drifter, known only as "the Mariner", arrives at an atoll seeking to trade dirt, which is a precious commodity. When the mariner is revealed to be a mutant with webbed feet and gills who is able to breathe underwater, the fearful atollers vote to drown him in a brine pool they maintain for composting. As they begin lowering the Mariner into the sludge, local pirates known as "Smokers" raid the atoll. The Smokers are searching for an orphan girl named Enola, who has a map to Dryland tattooed on her back. The leader of the smokers is "the Deacon", who wants the map so he can...



Kevin Costner
The Mariner
Dennis Hopper
The Deacon
Michael Jeter
Old Gregor
Jack Black
Smoker Plane Pilot
Kim Coates
Drifter #2
Robert Joy
Smoker Ledger Guy
Gerard Murphy
The Nord
R. D. Call
Atoll Enforcer
John Fleck
Smoker Doctor
Zakes Mokae
Rick Aviles
Atoll Gatesman #1
Jack Kehler
Atoll Banker
Chris Douridas
Atoller #7
Robert A. Silverman
Neil Giuntoli
Hellfire Gunner
William Preston
Smoker Depth Gauge Guy
Lee Arenberg


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