National Treasure (2004)

7.12 / Rated by 4 people

131 min.
Plot  Benjamin Franklin Gates (Nicolas Cage) is an American historian, amateur cryptologist, and the youngest descendant of a long line of treasure hunters. While his father Patrick Henry Gates (Jon Voight) discourages him from following in the family line, Ben is driven on by a written clue given to him by his grandfather, John Adams Gates (Christopher Plummer): "The secret lies with Charlotte." According to family history, the clue—entrusted to the family by Charles Carroll of Carrollton in 1832—could lead to the fabled "National Treasure" fought over since Ancient Egypt and hidden by the Founding Fathers and Freemasons during the American Revolutionary War.

On an expedition led by Ben with computer expert Riley Poole (Justin Bartha) and the expedition's financier, Ian Howe (Sean Bean), the aforementioned team track down a colonial ship trapped in Arctic ice - the ''Charlotte''. Inside the ship, Ben discovers a meerschaum pipe hidden in a barrel of gunpowder in the cargo hold. On ...



Nicolas Cage
Benjamin Franklin Gates
Diane Kruger
Dr. Abigail Chase
Justin Bartha
Riley Poole
Jon Voight
Patrick Gates
Sean Bean
Ian Howe
Harvey Keitel
Agent Peter Sadusky
Christopher Plummer
John Adams Gates
Oleg Taktarov
Victor Shippen
Annie Parisse
Agent Dawes
Mark Pellegrino
Agent Johnson
Armando Riesco
Agent Hendricks
Erik King
Agent Colfax
Jason Earles
Thomas Gates


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