The Wolfman (2010)

6.62 / Rated by 4 people

Plot  In 1891, Ben Talbot is confronted by a horrific creature in the Blackmoor woods. He tries to escape, but is killed by the beast.

Gwen Conliffe, Ben's fiancée, has contacted his brother, Lawrence Talbot, a world-renowned Shakespearean actor, saying that Ben disappeared a month ago. Lawrence returns to his family's estate in Blackmoor where he has an uneasy reunion with his estranged father, Sir John Talbot. Ben's body is found mutiliated. At the local pub, Lawrence overhears the locals discussing the killing. Many blame gypsies who are camped outside the town, while another patron claims there was a similar murder several decades earlier and a werewolf was the suspected killer.

That night, Lawrence has flashbacks as he tours his family's home. It is revealed that his mother, Solana, had committed suicide when he was a boy. Lawrence saw his father standing over her dead body, after which Lawrence was sent to an insane asylum in London, ostensibly for suffering delusions...



Benicio Del Toro
Lawrence Talbot/The Wolfman
Anthony Hopkins
Sir John Talbot
Emily Blunt
Gwen Conliffe
Hugo Weaving
Inspector Francis Aberline
Art Malik
Antony Sher
Dr. Hoenneger
David Schofield
Constable Nye
Simon Merrells
Ben Talbot
Michael Cronin
Dr. Lloyd
Nicholas Day
Colonel Montford
Clive Russell


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The Wolfman
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