Butter (2011)

90 min.
Plot  Destiny (Shahidi) is a 10-year-old foster child in Iowa who gets placed with Ethan (Corddry) and Jill Emmet (Silverstone). While visiting the Iowa State Fair by herself, she wanders into the exhibit of the winning butter sculpture, a life-sized Last Supper, and skillfully finishes the Holy Grail cup, which impresses the sculpture's creator, Bob Pickler (Burrell).

Bob had won the fair's butter-sculpture contest for the past 15 years straight; because of his dominance, he is asked to abstain from future competitions to give others a chance. Bob's wife Laura (Garner), overly competitive and socially ambitious, doesn't take this news well. While she goes to the home of the competition's organizer to protest, Bob hits a strip club and solicits stripper Brooke (Wilde) for sex in his minivan. Laura discovers them and T-bones the van with her SUV.

Laura decides to enter the county's preliminary sculpture competition herself because of the social status that comes with winnin...



Jennifer Garner
Laura Pickler
Yara Shahidi
Ty Burrell
Bob Pickler
Olivia Wilde
Rob Corddry
Ethan Emmet
Ashley Greene
Kaitlin Pickler
Alicia Silverstone
Jill Emmet
Hugh Jackman
Boyd Bolton
Kristen Schaal
Carol-Ann Stevenson


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