The Skeleton Key (2005)

6.83 / Rated by 3 people

104 min.
Plot  Caroline Ellis is a hospice aide who takes the position as caregiver at an isolated plantation house. The lady of the house, Violet Devereaux, looks after her husband Benjamin Devereaux, who has had a stroke. With some prompting from the family's estate lawyer, Luke Marshall, Caroline accepts the position.

Caroline, using a skeleton key that Violet gave her, makes her way to the attic (where Ben had his stroke) and finds a secret room. She discovers dolls, a book of spells, potion jars, and various other magical paraphernalia. Violet reveals to Caroline that the room belonged to two house servants who were employed there 90 years prior. The couple, Mama Cecile and Papa Justify were renowned practitioners of Hoodoo and were lynched for practicing spells with the original owners' children. Violet also tells Caroline that they do not keep mirrors in the house because they see the reflection of the servants in them.

Caroline then believes that since Ben believes Hoodoo caused...



Kate Hudson
Caroline Ellis
John Hurt
Benjamin Devereaux
Gena Rowlands
Violet Devereaux
Peter Sarsgaard
Luke Marshall
Joy Bryant
Jill Dupay
Isaach De Bankolé
Creole Gas Station Owner
Jeryl Prescott
Mama Cecile
Forrest Landis
Martin Thorpe


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The Skeleton Key
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