Pretty Woman (1990)

6.0 / Rated by 4 people

119 min.
Plot  Edward Lewis (Gere), a successful businessman and "corporate raider", takes a detour on Hollywood Boulevard to ask for directions. Receiving little help, he encounters a prostitute named Vivian Ward (Roberts) who is willing to assist him in getting to his destination, providing that he pays her to do so. Vivian's roommate Kit De Luca (Laura San Giacomo) encourages her to try and recruit him as part of Vivian's clientele.

The morning after, Edward hires Vivian to stay with him for a week as a girlfriend experience escort for social events. Vivian advises him that it "will cost him", and Edward agrees to pay her $3,000 and gives her access to his credit cards to buy suitable clothing. Vivian then goes shopping on Rodeo Drive, only to be snubbed by saleswomen who disdain her because of her unsophisticated appearance. Initially, hotel manager Barnard Thompson (Hector Elizondo) is also somewhat taken aback. But he relents and decides to help her buy a dress, even coaching her on di...



Richard Gere
Edward Lewis
Julia Roberts
Vivian Ward
Ralph Bellamy
James Morse
Jason Alexander
Phillip Stuckey
John David Carson
Mark Roth
Laura San Giacomo
Kit De Luca
Alex Hyde-White
David Morse
Amy Yasbeck
Elizabeth Stuckey
Elinor Donahue
Héctor Elizondo
Barney Thompson
Larry Miller
Mr. Hollister


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Pretty Woman
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Bultan rated Pretty Woman (1990) with 5.0 stars / 07.08.2014

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