Bowfinger (1999)

7.5 / Rated by 2 people

97 min.
Plot  Z-grade film producer Bobby Bowfinger is extremely eager to direct a film of his own and has saved up for it his entire life — he now has $2,184 to pay for production costs. He has a script ("''Chubby Rain''") penned by an accountant, Afrim, and a camera operator, Dave, with access to studio-owned equipment. Bowfinger then lines up several actors who are hungry for work; the only other thing he needs is access to a studio in order to distribute his masterwork.

He manages to extract a promise from a film studio executive, Jerry Renfro, that the executive will distribute the film if it includes currently-hot action star Kit Ramsey. Ramsey — a rather pompous, neurotic, and paranoid actor — refuses, so Bowfinger constructs a plan to covertly film (on an extremely low budget) all of Ramsey's scenes without his knowledge. The actors, told that Ramsey is method acting and will not be interacting with them outside of their scenes, walk up to Ramsey in public and recite their lines whi...



Steve Martin
Robert K. "Bobby" Bowfinger
Eddie Murphy
Kit Ramsey / Jiffrenson "Jiff" Ramsey
Terence Stamp
Terry Stricter
Robert Downey Jr.
Jerry Renfro
Kohl Sudduth
John Cho
Nightclub cleaner
Phill Lewis
Audition actor
Marisol Nichols
Young audition actress


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