30 Days of Night (2007)

6.7 / Rated by 5 people

113 min.
Plot  Barrow, Alaska is preparing for its annual "30 Days of Night," a period during the winter when there is a month-long polar night. As the town gets ready, a stranger rows ashore from a large ship. Once ashore, he sabotages the town's communications and transport, destroying all means of communication with, and travel to, the outside world. Barrow's sheriff, Eben Oleson, investigates. Eben learns that his ex-wife, Stella Oleson, missed the last plane and must stay the 30 days. Although they try to avoid one another, when Eben confronts the stranger in the town diner, Stella helps to subdue him and take him to the station house.

At the station, the stranger taunts the townsfolk, telling them that death is coming. Just then, unknown creatures attack the local telecommunications center and power supply, rendering the town dark and cut off from the outside world. Eben goes to the telecommunications center and finds the operator's head on a spike. Suspecting impending danger, Eben an...



Josh Hartnett
Sheriff Eben Oleson
Melissa George
Stella Oleson
Ben Foster
The Stranger
Mark Rendall
Jake Oleson
Manu Bennett
Deputy Billy Kitka
Mark Boone Junior
Beau Brower
Nathaniel Lees
Carter Davies
Craig Hall
Wilson Bulosan
Chic Littlewood
Isaac Bulosan
Joel Tobeck
Doug Hertz
John Rawls
Pua Magasiva
Malekai Hamm


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30 Days of Night
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Kevser rated 30 Days of Night (2007) with 6.0 stars / 11.01.2016

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