Lawrence of Arabia (1962)

7.75 / Rated by 5 people

222 min.
Plot  The film is presented in two parts, separated by an intermission.

Part I

In 1935, T. E. Lawrence is killed in a motorcycle accident. At his memorial service at St Paul's Cathedral, a reporter tries to gain insights into this remarkable, enigmatic man from those who knew him, with little success.

During the First World War, Lawrence is a misfit British Army lieutenant stationed in Cairo, notable for his insolence and knowledge. Over the objections of General Murray, he is sent by Mr. Dryden of the Arab Bureau to assess the prospects of British ally Prince Faisal in his revolt against the Turks.

On the journey, his Bedouin guide is killed by Sherif Ali, for drinking from a well without permission. Lawrence later meets Colonel Brighton, who orders him to keep quiet, make his assessment of Faisal's intentions, and leave. Lawrence promptly ignores Brighton's commands when he meets Faisal. His knowledge, attitude and outspokenness pique the Prince's...



Peter O'Toole
T. E. Lawrence
Alec Guinness
Prince Faisal
Anthony Quinn
Auda abu Tayi
Jack Hawkins
General Allenby
Omar Sharif
Sherif Ali
José Ferrer
The Turkish Bey
Anthony Quayle
Colonel Harry Brighton
Claude Rains
Mr. Dryden
Arthur Kennedy
Jackson Bentley
Donald Wolfit
General Murray
Ian MacNaughton
Michael George Hartley
Hugh Miller
The RAMC colonel
Fernando Sancho
The Turkish sergeant
Jack Gwillim
The club secretary
Harry Fowler
Corporal Potter
Howard Marion-Crawford
The medical officer
John Ruddock
Elder Harith
Norman Rossington
Corporal Jenkins
Jack Hedley
A reporter
Henry Oscar
Peter Burton
A Damascus sheik


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