28 Days Later (2002)

7.25 / Rated by 4 people

113 min.
Plot  In Cambridge, animal liberation activists break into a medical research laboratory with the intent of freeing captive chimpanzees. They are interrupted by a scientist (David Schneider) who desperately warns that the chimps are infected with "Rage," a highly contagious virus that is spread through blood and saliva. Ignoring the scientist, the activists release the chimpanzees. One of the chimps attacks an activist and immediately infects her, leading her to infect everyone else present.

Twenty-eight days later, in London, Jim (Cillian Murphy), a bicycle courier, awakens from a coma in St Thomas' Hospital. He finds the hospital — and the city — deserted, with signs of catastrophe everywhere. Jim wanders into a church, where he is spotted and pursued by people infected by Rage. He is rescued by Selena (Naomie Harris) and Mark (Noah Huntley), who throw Molotov cocktails at the "Infected", resulting in the explosion of a petrol station. At their hideout in the London Underground, ...



Christopher Eccleston
Major Henry West
Stuart McQuarrie
Sergeant Farrell
Ricci Harnett
Corporal Mitchell
Leo Bill
Private Jones
Luke Mably
Private Clifton
David Schneider


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28 Days Later
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